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*Originally scheduled as the J2 panel


Jensen says Jared is home and with his family and is resting. He sends his love.


Jensen says that if Sam and Dean go to the beach, so do Jared and Jensen. "That's why we want it." 


Jensen doesn't want to go to the beach with Jared because "have you seen him without a shirt?"


Asked about the gag reel but he says he hasn't watched it yet.


A fan says to send all of our love to Jared and that he always has to keep fighting.


Fans are showing Jensen love and support as well.


"Jared knows I'm there for him and Danneel is understanding and supports the fandom."

Jensen: "Jared知道我与他同在,Danneel也理解并支持着粉丝们。"

"It's hard to be away from your family in your time of celebration (referring to his anniversary) or hard times, but you know. I am with family here."

Jensen: "在本该庆祝的日子(指Jensen的结婚纪念日)或者艰难的时刻远离自己的家人是很难过的,但你们懂的,我在这里也是和家人在一起。"

 "Even if you think there's no one to talk to, just know you're not alone. Three of the best words Jared said: Always Keep Fighting."

Jensen: "哪怕你觉得无人可谈,你也要明白你并不孤单。Jared说过最棒的三个词就是: 永远坚持抗争。"

Jensen talked about John Winchester, says that he showed his sons how to survive which is the most important thing and that is obviously not a bad thing overall. He says, if your parents have taught you how to survive, real demons or metaphorical ones, that's good.

Jensen谈到了John Winchester,说他教给儿子们生存的技巧,而这正是重中之重,总的来说这明显不是什么坏事。他说如果你家长教导过你如何生存,无论是抗击真正的恶魔还是抗击心中的恶魔,那都是件好事。

Jensen says that his relationship with the fandom has changed over the last two years: "I needed to protect myself emotionally by not letting a lot of people in. I'm more comfortable now."


Jensen says that his daughter taught him to open up and let people in. He lets himself feel the fandom love now that he didn't let himself feel before.


It's mentioned that Jensen's panel is really emotional today.


What is worth living for? Jensen jokes, "What happened to questions about Dean?" Then responds: "Life itself is worth living for."


"If you're not living the life you want, fight for it. The journey of life is what you should be living for."


Jensen felt like the Dean and Cas fight scene was "really raw." Jensen did his own fight stunt for Dean beating up Cas and enjoyed beating up Misha's stunt double.


If Jensen could talk to Sam he'd probably say, "Don't give up on your brother."


Another report: Jensen to Sam: "Tread more lightly, but don't give up on your brother."

另外一条repo: Jensen会对Sam说: "对你哥要更加小心一点,但别放弃你的兄弟。"

Jensen's stunt double recently shattered his collarbone and was knocked out for three minutes.


Jensen picked up the guitar that's on stage and says that it's "NOT for Jensen." Says, "Maybe I'll just hold it." 


Jensen plays for a bit like he's being serious and then cracks up saying, "I'm just making that up!"


Jensen says that JJ used to listen to him playing his guitar. Now that she's almost two she's like, "Oh, Dad is playing guitar. Cool. TOYS!"


Apparently when Danneel hears something in the house and freaks out, Jensen is just like get the salt and it'll be fine lol.


JJ likes to chase Jensen but he has to run like a clown. Problem is their dog, Oscar, thinks it's "chase Daddy time," too.


Jensen says he's still recovering from Tough Mudder


They wanted to do Tough Mudder last year but had to postpone when Jared was injured last summer.


Osric and Jared wore GoPros and Richard is trying to make the footage into a video for the fans.


A fan asked if Dean is capable of killing Sam. Jensen says Dean is capable of doing anything right now. 


Someone asks what Dean's favorite quality about Sam is? His height and good looks, but not his hair lol


Jensen says Dean wishes to have a bit of Sam's analytical skills because Dean has gotten into trouble more than once for acting before thinking.


"Dean admires Sam's intellect. And I admire Jared's intellect." He says it's funny how art imitates life sometimes.


Another report: "I think Dean really admires Sam's intellect. Which is funny because I really admire Jared's intellect.”


Jared and Jensen hadn't seen the musical member in the 200th ep beforehand, they saw it live when it was shot. As they watched they thought, "Look what we helped create." And, "It was a nice moment for he and I to share."


Thanks the fans for being there for 10 years.


Jensen sings and plays "Sweet Home Alabama"

Jensen自弹自唱了"Sweet Home Alabama(甜蜜的家,阿拉巴马)"这首歌

Jensen added the line: "And I miss my brother Jared" while singing :')

Jensen在唱歌时加了词: "而我想念我的兄弟Jared" :')


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